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The Cemetery Project

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List of Cemeteries

This page will have a list of the cemeteries that we have been to.   Click on the cemeteries name to see some of the photos that we have and you can also click on the website name to see a transcription of the cemetery.


Lee County


Russell County

Evans           Rootsweb          or          Find A Grave
Girard          Rootsweb          or          Find A Grave
? Cemetery
Pine Grove          Find A Grave


Muscogee County

Clapp          Rootsweb          or          Find A Grave
Linwood          Rootsweb          or          Find A Grave
Mealing          Find A Grave
Patrick Memorial          Find A Grave
Providence Baptist Church          Rootsweb          or         Find A Grave
Sand and Gravel
University Avenue

If you would like to see any photos from the list of cemeteries above,  please email us with the name of the cemetery and if you are looking for a certain grave.  We will send you an email back with the photo.  If we do not have the photo of the person you are looking for we will try to get one for you. 
The only thing we ask for in return is a donation. 
Thank you

Thank you for your support!