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The Cemetery Project

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Welcome to The Cemetery Project!

We started this site so that people far away and close by would be able to see what is happening with the cemeteries around them. 

Cemeteries are our most direct link to our past.  If we let them go now, we might forever lose the ability to find them in the future.  


This site will present our organization's cause and effect on these cemeteries. As communicating isn't always easy, we'll try to include photos and images that convey our message. We'll also include specific information about each of the cemeteries that we work on, so no one forgets the history and people behind the pictures.


This is a photo that we took in Old Live Oak Selma Alabama.

Mission Statement

Our mission is find old cemeteries that have no upkeep or control over them. To raise awareness of these conditions to the community and get them involved.  To have these cemeteries cleaned up and surveyed so that the communities loved ones are not lost forever.

Thank you for your support!